Christophe Coquard
From father to son since 1881

Christophe COQUARD, an independent and family owned "Boutique Négociant" based in the family house and known for his new ideas that express both heritage and innovation.

Native and lover of Beaujolais and while carrying on the family tradition, Christophe COQUARD channels his energies into livening up the Beaujolais wine scenes. He strives to bring innovation and creativity into everything he does and his wines reflect his firm belief in Beaujolais, its wonderful wines and its bright future. With "Flagships of Beaujolais", his wines are regularly awarded and appreciated by wine lovers and Maison Coquard plays now a vital role in the revival of the Beaujolais region.

Le Beaujolais est le vin de l’amitié, de la bonne humeur. Le Coq Beaujolais par Christophe COQuard se veut le symbole de la …

«The DNA of Gamay, the king grape variety of Beaujolais, is to offer wines with the best price/pleasure ratio in the world.»

Christophe COQUARD