A little history

A little history
From a long line of Beaujolais winegrowers, I grew up watching my grandfather and father working the vines and vinifying our unique Beaujolais grape variety; Gamay, at the family winery, Domaine le Boitier.

The golden stone house

While phylloxera descends on French vineyards, the young Joannes (my great, great-grandfather) and his vineyard-owning parents build a brand new home from local, golden-hued stone in the small hamlet of Boitier in Theizé.

Who would have imagined I would settle there 124 years later? Thankfully, in addition to owning vines, Joannes soon becomes a “wine and spirits” merchant and his small business manages to survive the coming viticultural crisis …


Harvest 1914

Harvest 14 will be good, the summer was very hot. Vines have reappeared in the landscape. The saviour, Victor Pulliat, ampelographer at Chiroubles, found the miracle remedy that will immunize the vineyard from the terrible invading aphid, grafting onto native American rootstock.

But if the vine is cured, another misfortune will befall France and the wider world. Albert the son of Joannes, and my great-grandfather, will soon be mobilized to the Western Front. When he returned exhausted by five years of war, he took over the wine business and exploited the few hectares of Gamay replanted at the beginning of the century.


After war

After the Second World War, it is my grandfather Xavier who, through hard graft, restores the small family estate to glory. He is a winegrower, but also a farmer, planting fruit trees and vegetables in the garden.

During the long winter evenings, he grafts Gamay vines for planting on his classic clay-limestone soils.

Despite difficult wine sales, my grandfather forever looks to the future, enriched by all his encounters and indeed by his commitment to agricultural trade unionism.


End of the "30 Glorieuses"

I came into the world when my father, Albert, began the "change of culture" in every sense of the word. 

At the end of the 30 glorious years, vineyard management went from the pickaxe and horse to straddle tractor. From 1967, Parisian students took the place of family members at harvest-time. For a few weeks every year, they through their new ideas, open us up to another world, while themselves experiencing a more ‘earthy’ way of life. 

Nice exchange, and again, a sign of destiny that will see me 20 years later travel the globe in search of new horizons, to then return to my roots in the land of my ancestors.

Until 2003

Sharing and friendship

Every year until 2003, when my father retired, I came to lend a hand with the harvest and winemaking. The highlight of the year for a winemaker-on-a-mission to make the best wine he can, it was also an opportunity to meet up with old friends who came from all over the world. It was always an intense moment of work but also of of comradery and bonhomie.

Back home

My travels provide the inspiration for my future path in life.  I return home in 2005 and eventually establish "Maison Coquard", a collection of Beaujolais wines on the theme of the Family House in collaboration with several local artists.

It’s my tribute to this land, to my family home, to all the people I’ve known, past and present but above all, to the soul of Beaujolais wines.


Collection Clochemerle

We sign an exclusive distribution agreement with the Chevallier family, for the internationally-known CLOCHEMERLE brand.  A superb sign of confidence in our work to promote the wines of our region.

Wines in Kegs

While perpetuating the family tradition of Beaujolais, I launch Coquard On Tap, a unique and original offer of wines in 20 and 30 litre kegs for by-the-glass service in pubs and restaurants.

Collection 69

Launch of Beaujolais “69”, a modern, original and innovative way to sell Beaujolais by evoking my year of birth and the Beaujolais vineyard postcode.

The Painter CHAP

Meeting with the artist CHAP (Christophe Heymann Painter Artist) who produces an original, eye-catching portrait to mark the launch of a new artistic range of wines: Collection Coqu'Art.

Launch of the “In•Spire” range

Launch of the "In Spire" range, an intriguing collection linked to the life of the family House.

Launch of the COQ BEAUJOLAIS

With such an evocative surname, I am proud to present this magnificent COQ (uard) which proudly poses like a star on a movie poster in front of the Beaujolais vineyard. Le COQ BEAUJOLAIS is a unique and high-class Beaujolais, a wine with great “panache”, well-anchored in our present time, and perfectly in-tune with modern tastes.
Christophe COQUARD

Family traditions carried on

All these years have been punctuated by numerous meetings and tastings, discoveries and creations. Today, I perpetuate family traditions by offering high quality Beaujolais and Mâconnais wines that subtly combine tradition and modernity. Maison COQUARD is a creative wine house that is constantly renewing and reinventing itself.

It is very much part of the renewal of the Beaujolais vineyard region and thus enjoys a good reputation and standing. The wines are regularly awarded and distinguished by industry professionals, and are increasingly recognized and appreciated by wine lovers at home and abroad. Native and lover of Beaujolais, I believe passionately in the future of Beaujolais and strive to demonstrate this through my unique and remarkable wines.